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Sixth International World Wide Web Conference

April 7-11, Santa Clara, California, USA


Tutorial Submission has CLOSED

The deadline for submitting tutorials was February 7, 1997.

Stavros Macrakis
Chairman, WWW6 Tutorials

Information on tutorials

Tutorials are systematic presentations of topics; they may be introductory or advanced. Tutorials have two main parts: the presentation itself, and the written notes. The presentation should put the topic in context and help the audience to understand the important issues. Although it should cover the topic thoroughly, it should emphasize general principles, important design issues, and common pitfalls rather than exhaustive coverage of details, which is better done in written reference material.

The tutorial notes should cover all the material covered in the presentation and any additional useful information, including historical notes, detailed technical discussion, pointers to reference documents, contact information for persons or organizations involved in the subject, bibliography, etc. If there are last-minute additions to the presentation, please provide supplementary notes on the Web. Tutorial notes should be usable as reference material, and should not simply be copies of slides. One good format is a page consisting of a reduced-size slide at the top, and a few paragraphs of explanation for each slide. It is even better if it is accompanied by an article. Notes must be submitted both in clean camera-ready and in editable on-line format.

Tutorials are traditionally a half day long (3 hours of presentation), but we will consider proposals for full day (6 hours) and quarter day (1 hour 30 mn) tutorials as well. In particular, we believe that many of the more specialized draft proposals we have received would work best in the quarter-day format.

Tutorial authors are responsible for making the oral presentation, creating all necessary ancillary presentation materials (slides, videos, etc.), and writing a full set of tutorial notes. Authors transfer non-exclusive publication rights to all these materials to the WWW Conference organization. Tutorial presenters receive an honorarium, airfare, and free registration (practical details later).

(WWW6 logo) Mail to the Tutorial Chairman (www6-tutorials@mailbox.slac.stanford.edu)

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