WWW6 Sixth International World Wide Web Conference

The History Track Call Has CLOSED

The History Track Call for submissions closed on February 7, 1997.

The History Track at WWW6 is an opportunity for people to learn about the roots of the Web and the history of the Web's development to the present day. What Web-like systems were invented and what happened to them? Who made these systems and what do their inventors think about the Web today? How has it changed business, education, science? What has people's reactions been to the growth and evolution of the Web? What lessons can we learn from the past?

Presentations will deal with:

  • Presentations on
    • The history of hypermedia
    • The evolution of any aspect of the Web
    • Analysis of past systems
  • Panel ideas
    • Topics
    • Speakers
  • Poster presentations
    • Analysis of the adoption of any aspect of the Web
    • Any historical reports concerning hypermedia
    • Collections of hypermedia artifacts and memorabilia
    • Collections of hypermedia anecdotes and stories
  • People willing to set up old hypermedia systems on the original hardware they were developed/used on for others to explore.

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